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Religion, Philosophy, History, Myth and Legend.
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Triple Fire Press Books

Religions of the World: A Question of Faith by Jay Lamb is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, from your local bookstore!

E-book is available at your favorite e-book place!

We are excited to release a revised new edition of Once a Goddess by Sheila R. Lamb, the first book in the Brigid of Ireland trilogy! 

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A new, revised edition of Fiery Arrow is now available, the second book in the Brigid of Ireland trilogy!

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The final book in the Brigid of Ireland trilogy! All three are available in print and ebook!


About Triple Fire Press

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Triple Fire Press seeks writing to make us think. We want fresh takes on how to view the world, new ways to view history. Give us narratives we haven’t read before. We want to question the reality of myth and find truth in legend.


Triple Fire Press is a family endeavor. Soon, we will expand our publications list. 

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